What does it mean to be a Christian? (Year 8 Revision)

In our Year 8 unit about what it means to be a Christian we’ve looked at prayers, worship in a church, Martin Luther, and denominations. What we haven’t done, quite a rarity in RE lessons, is watch ANY video clips to help us with our learning.

Well here you go; let’s try and make up for it in our revision!

The first one is about the Nicene Creed and comes from a religion website.

Er, possibly not to everyone’s taste, I certainly didn’t listen to any classical music until I was in my mid-20s in Italy! This is Andrea Bocelli, an Italian opera singer who just happens to be blind, singing the Lord’s Prayer.

Ouch, this might be a bit too young!

Moving away from organised prayer, let’s get some revision about Martin Luther in the bag. The first one lasts 15 minutes:

Here the parts of a Martin Luther film explain both Doom Paintings, Indulgences, Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis and how the printing press was so important in the spread of Protestantism.

Understanding how Christianity has ended up with thousands of different denominations:

A rap about the 95 Thesis:

Finally there is Horrible Histories reporting in Terrible Tudors about Henry VIII’s separation from the Catholic Church:


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