Plastic Bags 5p

Big shops and supermarket chains in England now have to charge 5p for a plastic bag. In other parts of the UK people are already used to charges: the first charge was introduced in Wales, October 2011, followed by Northern Ireland in April 2013 and Scotland in October 2014. All these three nations have seen plastic bag usage massively reduce.

The Independent looks at charts to show how charging for plastic bags is good for the environment in today’s article.

When GCSE RS students have to answer a question about ways people try to reduce pollution; they can now remember to mention plastic bag charges!


2 thoughts on “Plastic Bags 5p

  1. Why do we have to pay for plastic bags? It is technicaly robbing children of their money, if they buy so much they have to use a bag they may not have enough money left. Which then forces them to put back something they want to get just so they can get a bag. I don’t believe in this new rule. It means the big shops that have to do this ‘5p bags’ may lose a few hundred customers. So say a child gets £4 a week, and they go to Tesco everyday that week, that means they lose 35p which could have been spent on sweets or saved up to get something big.

  2. I think paying for plastic bags is wrong because it is stealing from people. Why can’t people have them for free? they may cost too much but they could use a different and more common material. Imagine that you want to buy just one thing that’s either big or heavy and it costs £4.99 and you have £5.00 if you buy a bag you can’t buy that item as well so you then have to carry it home really far by the time you get home your arms will be really hurting. It in my opinion it is a new way to trick people into giving them more money. The other day I was in a shop with my mum and this old lady was at the counter and the woman at the till said “would you like a bag?” and the old lady said “yes” however the woman at the till didn’t tell her it would cost her money so that woman paid 5p extra without knowing. Another note it is advertising their shop because it says the name in big letters why should I pay for something that advertises their shop

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