Actor wants his mum to be allowed to die as she has ‘no quality of life’

John Hannah, a Scottish actor famous for his part in Four Weddings and a Funeral, has said he wants his eighty-four year old mother who’d in a nursing home with dementia to be allowed to die.

John Hannah

‘She really doesn’t want to be here,’ says Hannah, 53.

‘Maybe there comes a time when you are done with that natural cycle. I am hoping, by the time we get to that age, there will be an assisted exit programme. My mum’s got no quality of life whatsoever. I don’t know if she knows who we are when we go in. But if someone said you can let her go now, my sisters and I, we would say, yes, do that. She can’t say it now — now the dementia has developed.’

You can read more of this article about assisted suicide (euthanasia) on the Daily Mail.

Otherwise he is the famous scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral when John’s character reads the poem by W H Auden called Stop the Clock at his lover’s funeral. Apologies for the swear word in the opening sentence.


3 thoughts on “Actor wants his mum to be allowed to die as she has ‘no quality of life’

  1. They are not wrong you know. People need to die sometime, Some people are forced to carry on in life in pain, and regret of living.

    If I wanted to die at an age where I knew I would be able to survive with out suffering, I would beg I know it sounds Pathetic but some people need to beg for the pain and suffering to end.

    Let her go if she seems like she is unable to go on for long, unless she says, she must stay or wants to fight the suffering and carry on in life.

    I am not saying people are weak, I’m just saying Pain can grow stronger everyday and must go away somehow.

    Death is the most peaceful feeling you can have, You feel numb, you feel free.

  2. In my opinion, the woman should be allowed to die. If she has no quality of life and wants to die then it’s free will, it’s her choice and her decision. She should be given her rights.

  3. If she doesn’t want to be alive anymore then she should be able to make the choice to die. It is not fair to force life onto someone who does not want it.

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