Naughty Boy

From pizza delivery man to working with Beyonce – Naughty Boy (real name Shahid Khan) – has come a long way. In an interview with the Guardian he explains how he still lives at home with his mum, a housewife, and his dad, a retired taxi driver.

“I’ve paid their mortgage off and they never have to worry again, but I’m the youngest in the family,” he says, as if the implication is obvious. “The tradition is that you live with your parents.” Khan’s older brother runs a beauty salon with his wife; his older sister is a makeup artist. The day after we speak, he’ll go to Eid prayers at the same mosque he always has, and hang out with the friends and family he grew up with. “Every time it gets more intense going back [to the mosque]. My selfie game has had to increase by 100 million per cent!” How have people changed around him? “There’s so much love, but there’s also a bit of edge – the Pakistani community is like your girlfriend being a bit miffed when you don’t spend enough time with her.”

Khan has to switch between the two worlds regularly: “America, they hold me [at the airport] for two to three hours every time. I’ll have a class-A visa sponsored by Sony, but they’ll do it and never give you a reason. You’re just there in a room, always with the same kind of people – Hispanics, Muslims, African Americans – and [immigration officials] might say, ‘Oh, it’s because of your surname’. But f******* hell, Khan?! At what point are we allowed to stop feeling bad for being Muslims?”

It’s an interesting interview, discussing among other things his once friendship with Zayn Malik formerly of One Direction.


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