Baby Buell makes it to one year old

An amazing good news story is being reported in different newspapers today about a little America boy called Jaxon who’s defied the odds and made it to his first birthday.

Jaxon Buell1

He was born with part of his brain and skull missing which meant the doctors said it was likely he wouldn’t survive. The Daily Mail says that his parents had been told during the pregnancy about their son’s illness and small chance of survival but being strong Christians meant they chose not to abort the baby (foetus).


“Who are we to decide? We were given a child, we are given a chance and we have to be his voice.” His parents said in the interview. In the last year he has become a minor social media sensation, attracting over 100,000 likes on his page “Jaxon Strong” and has raised over $57,000 (£37,500) through his GoFundMe page to pay for his ongoing medical care.

A short clip on YouTube shows the little boy talking and starting to walk…


One thought on “Baby Buell makes it to one year old

  1. I found this article very intersting and uplifting. It is good to hear a positive story on the news about a happy event.

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