God in the News

A dramatic story made the headlines on this evening’s Daily Mail website: Currys refuse to repair customer’s giant 65in TV which was broken by a fly because they say it was an ‘act of God’.

It’s a good job our titles in class aren’t as long as that headline or we’d take forever to write it down!

A summary of the story is that a man’s large TV broke within the one year guarantee. So he contacted the shop where he bought it, Curry’s, who after the TV had been checked by an engineer said the man needed to pay £95 to repair the damage caused by a fly which had got into the electronics of the TV which was ‘an act of God’ – thereby making his one year guarantee invalid. The man was livid (very very angry) that he both needed to pay the £95 and that Curry’s has used ‘an act of God’ as their reason.


All ends well when Curry’s apologies to the man and LG (the TV manufacturer) offer to repair the TV. Curry’s probably felt the pressure due to the bad media this story has created. Read the Daily Mail article to see whether the paper portrays the possibility of it being ‘an act of God’ as being likely. If they scoff at the possibility of it being an ‘act of God’ are they saying that God doesn’t exist to do these omnipotent actions?


8 thoughts on “God in the News

  1. people will come up with any excuse to get out of paying for things. Just because God created things doesn’t mean he did that. God created humans but isn’t responsible for the things they did. Also it’s unlikely for a fly to break a tv😂

  2. God cannot be responsible for this just because he created the world does not mean that everything that has gone bad is done by god. Currys had made the right choice👬

  3. I’m sorry but how could a fly cause this damage? 😂They also mustn’t blame God for this situation, just because God created the world doesn’t mean that he made the fly break the TV, it’s just an excuse..

  4. some part of this is our fault because we created the war and could not bring peace and if we do not stop the wars it will cause a massive destruction to the entire world and this will not be good.

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