Jesus on Family Guy

If an Atheist watched this would their beliefs be affected? What about an Agnostic person? Moreover does this educate a Christian believer?


7 thoughts on “Jesus on Family Guy

  1. I dont think that the episode showing Jesus would have any impact on people who dont believe in God because this is a tv show which means that they would think that it is all fiction and not a fact which means that it shouldnt have an impact on the reality.

  2. I believe that this video would have no effect on those who don’t believe in a religion because with the humour mixed in it just makes it seem just a big joke. Therefore not realising or leading to not care about what they are saying about Jesus

  3. I don’t think this would have any impact on religious beliefs as it is just a comedy show therefore mostly fictional 😊😊

  4. It is meant to be humorous a it is part of a comedy tv show so I do not believe it should influence a person’s faith. Also if you were an atheist and you watched this it would create a different portray Christianity as something to be laughed at.

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