ISIS in Syria Update

Year 9 students are just starting to learn about terrorism and fighting for religious beliefs. After one lesson on ISIS they might understand more than other students this weekend’s stories about ISIS.

In Palmyra (Syria) the Syrian government have been doing air strikes against ISIS fighters. Reports say that hundreds were injured and twenty six Islamic State fighters killed. The name Palmyra might ring a bell as it’s been in the news for the temple which was just recently destroyed by ISIS. The temple Baal Shamin was blown up by ISIS even though it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Baal Shamin

In other news about Syria and ISIS this weekend there have been telephone meetings between the US and Russia about the two sides involvement in financially supporting groups. Russia has been providing military weapons to the Syrian government (and President Assad) whilst the US and UK had been supporting rebel groups trying to depose (get rid of) Assad. British officials have said that Russia’s involvement complicated matters.


7 thoughts on “ISIS in Syria Update

  1. ISIS is quickly becoming a quick problem, people need to be more aware of who is coming in and out of their country for all you know that man you saw at the airport could be an isis member. One thing that I hate is when people with no knowledge of who and what isis is just blame it on Muslims. They are wrong in many different ways. People just have nobody to blame it on, so they blame it on Muslims just because at the end of the day it is easier for them, Isis could be anybody, but the point is… They need to be dealt with asap

  2. isis is a serious topic which is very sensitive to many Muslims some people think that just because ISIS is a Muslim group they think every Muslims are bad

  3. ISIS is an extremely important matter that needs to be dealt with. They are slowly growing and becoming more and more dangerous every day. Lots of people don’t know who ISIS are and should be informed who they are and what the can do.

  4. I think ISIS should be dealt with as soon as possible as, at this rate, future generations will bias muslims with ISIS and countless of deaths will increase.

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