Catching up on things you should have learnt in previous RE lessons

If you feel you’ve missed out on some of the core facts of Christianity which would help you answer GCSE RS questions, then watching the following YouTube clips should help. You’ve got to start somewhere!

This article has clips you can watch to help you learn the main Christian teachings we need, in less than an hour.

The next YouTube clip is of Keith Green singing about the Sheep and Goats parable. Keith was an American Christian musician who wrote and performed many songs about Christianity.

Here are two short clips about the Sermon on the Mount, you can skip to 17 minutes in for the second one as that’s where Jesus starts preaching.

Well that’s enough to keep people busy for now!


45 thoughts on “Catching up on things you should have learnt in previous RE lessons

  1. In these videos I have learned to not betray God which means to follow his rules, to not betray your parents and if God gave you support and help in your life you have to listen to him to and to follow for example the 10 commandments.

    The 4 videos that has been put on, they were very good because it helps you a lot and it teaches you to be good and to not be bad.

  2. I found the story videos useful, as they recapped Important religious stories in a creative and memorable way that will help me with my exams and class work.

  3. I think these videos were very useful because they made it easy to remember the story of Job and the story of the good Samaritan.

  4. The videos are productive since they contain stories from the Bible that can be useful while answering some questions that require quotations from the stories.

  5. I really enjoyed watching these videos as I could learn a lot about what people believe in. I found the videos very useful as it made it easier to remember the stories.

  6. I think the videos are useful for revision and recapping what we learned in unit 1. As thy contain Bible stories such as the Parable of the sheep and goats.

  7. these videos taught me why people believe in god and it also helped me memorise the stories that we have also learned before.

  8. These videos have refeshed my memory and are helping me revise on christianity and what christians beleive in..this website is useful as it helps us revise in a useful and much more fun way.

  9. i like these videos because they taught me a lot and refreshed my memory about the stuff we learned a while ago. They gave me lots of information.

  10. I found the video really interesting as it taught me the different beliefs of Christians and recap my memory on what I’ve learnt before.

  11. These videos are very useful to watch as I can recap my knowledge on the Good Samaritan and the story of Job. The song isn’t as fun to listen to.

  12. I feel that the series of videos are very useful in recapping the work done in unit 1 and they allow me to revise in a more interactive mannor instead of plain books.

  13. I found these videos very useful as they helped me to recap religious stories and added to my knowledge on them. I found them very easy to understand.

  14. I think the videos are useful for revision and recapping what we learned in unit 1. Watching these videos really refreshed my memory of what we learnt before the half term and I feel like I will be using these videos a lot for revision.

  15. I think the videos are useful for revision and recapping what we learned in unit 1. These videos really refreshed my mind of what we had learnt before the summer and I feel myself coming back to these videos for revision.

  16. I found these videos very helpful with revising what we learnt in previous topics. It showed how much I had forgotten! I feel that I know a lot more than I did before I watched them.

  17. I think that the videos are a great method of revising unit 1. They are especially better than simply reading through articles of a book.

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