How to protect the rainforest?

Students in Year 8 spend two lessons playing the roles of different people who have an interest in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. For example some students are cattle ranchers, others native residents, and others might be tree logging companies. In character they investigate and debate how to develop the rainforest and whether the environment should be protected.

I don’t think any of them came up with the solution of nationalising the rainforest so that a government group would have the final say on all developments.

When you nationalise something you transfer ownership of an industry or part of an industry from private hands to state (government) ownership.

Maybe this wasn’t a solution because in the UK not much is still nationalised! British Rail used to be a nationalised rail company with all trains and tracks owned by the state. Nowadays you have private train companies who run different train areas which some people say makes prices go higher whereas others say it is just needed for investment to improve the train system.



You’ve got till Wednesday to revise Human Rights

Sure you’ll need to know about Human Rights within a Religious Studies context (think Sermon on the Mount, Love thy Neighbour, the Golden Rule, we are all equal as teeth of a comb) but you still need to know what Human Rights are and how we are protected.

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In the UK we’ve signed up to the UDHR, which is the big one, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, since we’re also protected by the ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights) which Britain signed in the 1950s it also leads us to be protected by the Human Rights Act which Tony Blair’s government brought in in 1998 to make European human rights law get dealt with in Britain. Without the Human Rights Act if you felt someone was denying you your rights then you had to go to a European Court to get your case heard, and possibly won or lost. Yet with the Human Rights Act you can get things dealt with in UK courts. This is quicker and easier… but the current government aren’t keen. Find out why by reading this really simple article on The Independent‘s website.