I think lots of you will be interested in reading the debates on which is a really clever way to show trending debates about social issues, government, the environment, education, and foreign affairs.

In other words if you want to keep up-to-date on issues which are likely to require opinions (yours and other people’s) on the Religious Studies course – this is the website for you! Below are a few examples of ShouldWe debates which fit into a RS course:

Unit 8 Section 3 Should we withdraw UK forces from Afghanistan in 2014?

Unit 1 Section 2 Should we specifically criminalise abortion on the basis of gender?

Unit 8 Section 2 Should we ‘frack’ for shale gas?


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  1. I suppose this is an example of human rights being in conflict with each other: people have the right not to be discriminated against because of their sexuality and other people have freedom to practise their religion… as long it doesn’t harm others. Therefore both sides feel hard done by and that their human rights are being violated. We know from our studies that most denominations of Christianity, though against homosexual relationships or sex are also firmly against any homophobic actions. It is almost like the over-riding Christian feeling is to show love and kindness like Jesus demonstrated. When an individual has beliefs and then acts on them as an individual, by avoiding friendship with someone who does something which offends them, it is different from when a business has the same opinions and decides not to serve or work with a customer. I suppose I would feel offended if a business refused to serve me if they were unhappy with me being a single parent or unmarried pregnant woman!

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