Kenneth Clark – Looking for Civilisation at Tate Britain

This exhibition which goes on until 10th August 2014 is quite quirky and interesting for it encompasses paintings, sculpture, artefacts and leads you on a historical journey through the early twentieth century. You might combine a trip to this paid exhibition ( which a general mooch around the newly refurbished Tate Britain. Remember art galleries like Tate Britain usually have 2-3 paid exhibitions and all the rest are completely free.

Most intriguing was the period around WWII when Kenneth Clark was Director of the National Gallery and was massively involved in the recording of the war by contemporary artists. The exhibition explains how art from the National Gallery was hidden in Wales and how the building was used for classical music recitals to boost wartime morale. It also has some amazing artwork showing people cowering in underground stations to escape the Blitz and the destruction of towns such as Coventry and Bath by aerial bombings.



Above as a Henry Moore painting called Pink and Green showing tow people asleep in a bomb shelter.

It is a paid exhibition but under 12s go free and there is a concession for children.


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