Ouch – Death Penalty Goes Wrong in US

Perhaps someone who gets the death penalty should be made to suffer as much as possible for their crimes. One theory for punishment is retribution (punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act) and with the botched killing yesterday of Clayton Lockett yesterday in Oklahoma, USA he was certainly made to pay for his crimes.

He was given the drugs to kill him but one of his veins collapsed so they halted the killing which left him in the meantime writhing with agony for 20 minutes and eventually suffered a heart attack.

In Year 11 RE students debate the pros and cons of the death penalty, from a secular and religious perspective. It ties in quite nicely with GCSE History’s unit on Crime and Punishment.


2 thoughts on “Ouch – Death Penalty Goes Wrong in US

    • I’m not sure you read the article Ryan as it was about capital punishment which is the death penalty. Click on the hyperlink and you’ll get to the article about the man.

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