‘God is banned from Disney films’

The writers of Disney’s film Frozen have said the word ‘God’ is banned from being said in Disney films. It is something to consider whether there is a place for religion in children’s Disney films: are people from both sides offended no matter what you choose to do – keep away or include religion?

There has already been criticism of Frozen and it’s song Let It Go, by Christian commentators who claim that Frozen is pro-homosexuality and is evil. Below is one of the offending clips where Elsa unleashes her magic and enjoys the freedom of being who she really is:



15 thoughts on “‘God is banned from Disney films’

    • Some Christian groups claim that because the song sings about being yourself and no longer having to toe the line of what society says is acceptable, it is actually giving the message that being gay is okay.

  1. I do not understand how a song from a Disney film can be pro-homosexuality. She is just saying be who you are and be proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you different. She is saying that she is now who she is and no one can stop her.

  2. i agree with Tanesha. Plus it’s only a film and song? Why do people criticise because something happened they aren’t happy with?

  3. I see no reason why that song can possibly been seen as offensive. if anything it sets a good message to children these days, be who you are. Everyone is different and someone should not be forced to live a life they see as unhappy for themselves because of someone else’s judgement. Do what you want to do and let others do what they want to do, we are all individuals. Be yourself, someone in the end will love you for it.

  4. Thats so stupid! I dont see how a song from Disney or any film/song from Disney is pro-homosexual. All this song is saying that you should be who you are no matter what.

  5. I do agree with all the other comments. It’s a song for a ‘Disney’ film, now can it honestly be offensive? All the girl is singing is that she is who she is and no-one can change that! It is a Disney film, that young children watch and enjoy therefore there is no way that this song is offensive! The song relates to real life matters, children enjoy singing along and be happy whilst singing. It is not offensive!

  6. I don’t understand how a song from a Disney film can be offensive to religious people! The song is about being your self and not letting anyone change that! There is nothing offensive about it! Yeah it mentions the word Heaven but I still don’t see how that is offensive! In my opinion religious people are just trying to find a way to stop children and teenagers watching Frozen! Little children might not understand what the song means but they love the song and sing along! There is NOTHING offensive about the film Frozen or the song Let it go!

  7. How is Let It Go offensive? The song is about a girl who being herself and if people want to come out the closet, let them be! Its their decision on what they want to be and blaming Disney songs on implanting weird messages to little children and people is stupid. Disney was and still is all about being yourself, whether you want to be gay or straight, girl or boy, whatever your race. Why can’t people just watch DIsney and not try and find out if there are any subliminal pro-homosexuality messages in the song? Its just a song. Seriously people, LET IT GOOOOOOOO!!

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