Reconciliation and a Terrorist Group

It is freaky how often we discuss things in class and then, voila, that evening on the news there is a relevant article or story which relates to our classwork.

This article about Hamas and Fatas groups in Palestine, coming up with a reconciliation deal to end their fighting and disagreements, manages to relate to Year 11 revision of Unit 8 Section 3 about War and Conflict, and, to what the Year 9 RE students are learning about the dangers of religion.

The icing on the cake has got to be that Year 8 are about to study pilgrimage as their next topic, which debates who has ‘rights’ over Jerusalem, thereby also needing to learn about Palestinian battles with Israel. Below is a news story about the reconciliation deal today as well as some background on the conflict over Jerusalem/ Israel/ Palestine.


2 thoughts on “Reconciliation and a Terrorist Group

  1. I think this shows how religion can be dangerous but it also proves conflicts can be resolved with talking and without violence. Maybe this will help future conflicts between religion to realise they can avoid hurting others and just talk it out.

  2. Despite their opposing beliefs, these religions should be able to agree to a peace treaty of sorts as I do not believe it is right to go to war about your religion.

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