Sister finally allowed to donate her kidney

Initially the Home Office refused to allow entry into the UK of a Jamaican woman who wanted to donate her kidney to her brother, who is a British resident. They had concerns she would not return to Jamaica after the operation. They’ve changed their minds though, after the woman pointed out that with seven children and a hairdressing business back home, she really wasn’t going to hang around in the UK.

Saying that she was doing this for love of her brother it reminds us that some people believe that organ transplants are a loving act which extends the sanctity of life, whereas others believe our lives are planned by God and we shouldn’t meddle with God’s temple (our bodies).


2 thoughts on “Sister finally allowed to donate her kidney

  1. Whilst some people believe in the idea that one’s body is God’s temple, there are also people out there who believe that only the soul lives on after the death of the body (immortality of the soul). Therefore, I think that this ‘loving act’ should be acceptable, since body parts are not needed after death…

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