Should David Cameron have said Britain is ‘a Christian country?’

The Prime Minister’s comments that Britain is “a Christian country” have been met with mixed responses – positive and negative. How do you feel about? Is he stating the truth so it was fine to say it, or stating something that though true shouldn’t be banded around as it will offend non-Christian Britons? Or is it even true; is Britain all that Christian anymore?

Religious groups from a variety of faiths have said they support what David Cameron said, whereas other public figures said they think his comments are divisive.

This news story hits two areas of our GCSE RE course: media freedom to report issues which might be divisive or offensive, as well as how religion affects community cohesion.


4 thoughts on “Should David Cameron have said Britain is ‘a Christian country?’

  1. I think I might have to disagree with the Prime Minister, as there are currently a lot of people who are identified as non-religious or belonging to different faiths living in Britain…

  2. I have to disagree with David Cameron seen as there are many religions around Britain and that’s unfair to says it’s a Christian country, it’s also offensive to atheist people as well, this will also offend people who don’t believe in religious terms, Britain can be seen as a ‘Post Christian’ country (moved on from Christianity). Many people are agnostic and so will also find that quite offensive. He is also from the conservative party and so is quite traditional in his beliefs and ways. But now the tradition is lost, seen as other religions are now entering Britain.

  3. I disagree due to the fact that Britain is a multicultural society and that everyone here is entitled to their own belief. In my opinion, he’s making us feel as if we’re not even apart of Britain any more.

  4. I disagree with the Prime Minister because the current ratio of christians to non christians was 3:2 (taken from a 2011 census) and this number is rapidly changing. Also the statement is almost unfair to anyone non-christians.

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