Jesse J criticised for saying being bisexual was ‘a phase’

Jessie J has responded to criticism on Tuesday, following comments that her bisexuality “was a phase”. “Please tell me what I have done wrong here?” she complained on Twitter. “Should I have lied and said I am bi?”

Jesse J

Read the article which includes her twitter response from the Guardian about how she didn’t want to lie that at the moment she is only interested in men.

Not wanting to go off topic, but do we get male singers who dance around in tight underwear to sell their music?

A common GCSE question is whether the attitudes to homosexuality have changed in the UK over recent years. Students rightly refer to legal changes, the most recent being the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 and also the Equality Act 2010 which protects people from discrimination in the workplace and wider society. They can also refer to how the media (film, TV and newspapers) has become more accepting coverage of homosexual lifestyles.

With regards the latter, one of today’s most popular TV programmes has a gay character with Games of Thrones’ actor Finn Jones explaining his pride in the role in this Daily Mail article:

‘Having a gay character in Game Of Thrones was never a gimmick,’ he said.

Knight of flowers

Loras was written with such truth and conviction, it wasn’t something that was crass. I never had a problem playing a gay character because it was authentic.’ 

‘Recently gay characters have been used as the comedy in a show or they have weak elements to them. The great thing about Loras is that he has a feminine side to him, but he’s actually a very strong-minded character and he’s a fighter. He’s a warrior. It’s nice to see that on television because it’s true to modern gay people, who aren’t just one thing or the other.’



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