Gender Flipping

From Wednesday 9th April’s Guardian:

Sometimes the best way to make a point about sexism is also the simplest. Australian comedians the Bondi Hipsters parodied this month’s British GQ by showing heavily bearded Dom Nader mimicking the naked poses struck by model Miranda Kerr. Their shoot went viral. Christiaan Van Vuuren, Nader’s real-life alter ego, told the Huffington Post that the idea was a response to “the over-sexualisation of the female body in the high-fashion world. For some reason, as soon as you put a man in there … it’s an entirely different thing that we aren’t used to seeing.”

gender flipping


The article mentioned other gender flipping in the media recently. It leads us to consider – how much sexism are we subjected to every day without even realising it?

American cartoonist Kevin Bolk took offence with this early poster for The Avengers which only had the female character’s bottom on show:

avengers-promo-imageHe swiftly created his own version with all the male characters showing their booty:




10 thoughts on “Gender Flipping

  1. The J-Lo video was a smart concept of ‘switching’ gender roles in the media and so was the Avengers poster, made me laugh 🙂

  2. We do see a lot of sexism in advertising these days but as we see it a lot we are less “offended” by it. If anything it could increase interest in things now especially to a male audience.

  3. there is lots of sexism in the world but people just refuse to do anything about it. it happens time and time again if people want to be together then don’t stop them.

  4. There is way too much sexism in the world but it is ignored more and more by the day. So if people want to change who they are then who is to stop them.

  5. People say that social media objectifies women but what they don’t realise is that they’re part of the problem as well. Yes they have to sign a contract but they are not forced to pose in such a way that would offend them. Overall I dislike the fact of ‘objectifying’ anyone and saying that showing a certain gender is acceptable, doesn’t mean you have to prove a point and show the opposite gender doing the same. That is not equality.

  6. The fact that we are in 2016 and gender equality has still not been found is rather silly. When music videos from male artist’s are released people don’t think twice about the half naked woman in them because it has now become so frequent it is because seen as ‘normal’. In the video, it is spoken about how woman are objectified in music videos more so than men because it is in todays society it is seen as okay. Most woman do not feel the need to objectify men because they know how it feels, this could be the reason behind the fact that most men are not seen like woman in things such as music videos. Gender equality has moved on dramatically and woman have a lot more equality now such as the right to vote, freedom of speech and now days most woman aren’t stereotyped to things such as ‘woman belong in the kitchen’ however sexism is still around and gender equality has not been found in all aspects of society.

  7. J’Lo’s video was a smart way to address the concept of Gender equality in society today. Often when talking about sexism towards females in 2016 we hear that it is not only there basic rights of self esteem that get knocked down just because they are a girl, but also how their bodies are being objectified. Women can walk down the street in society today and get whistled at, however if a women were to do this to a man it would be unheard of and definietley out of the ordinary. So why do we sit back and allow women to be objectified constantly as if it is a normal, human-being thing to do? J’Lo and the cartoon sketch shows us that we accept men of the media abusing their power by using women to promote sexism as they objectify women bodies in videos or in lyrics, but if a women does the exact same thing then there is huge controversy over it as women are not supposed to view different aspects of life the same as men do. We can see an example of unfair equality between the sexes with the man’s reaction to J’Lo’s video idea, he almost looks appalled.

  8. I think by making this video J’Lo showed that sexism in the 21st century is rather silly and that women should not be shown as backgrounds to a “sexy” video but they should be able to swap with men and be the main part.
    Women are still not appreciated enough and I think that they’re rather put down by some men in this society. For example if people talk about millionaires they don’t associate them with women but mostly with men.
    I think Kevin Bolk’s design of the Avengers poster shows how silly men look striking poses showing their bottom but no body thinks it’s silly when women do so.

  9. i think J’Lo s video was a very smart way to show people how society view women compared to how they view men. When her friends had the idea to have the men do the things that the girls would normally do the director look astonished as if to say “a man cant be doing those things” I think they interpreted the idea of objectifying very well and it shows how the roles can be reversed. Hopefully when the public see the video it will make them think that maybe women are being treated differently to men. I also noticed that when her friends were explaining to the director what women are used for in some videos he looked at her as if he thought that I was a normal thing for girls to be doing when men are around.

  10. I think that J’Los video tackled the idea of sexism very well and it was a smart way to show the public that things can and need to change. I noticed that when her friends were explaining to the director what they think the men should be doing he looked at them as if to say “a man cant do those things” and when explaining that women were being objectified in music videos by lyrics and appearance he looked as if he thought it was a normal thing for women to do when they were around men. Hopefully this video will encourage people to think about how society views gender equality.

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