Refugees faced with a very different lifestyle

Let’s start by making sure we know what a refugee actually is…

The terms asylum-seeker and refugee are often confused: an asylum-seeker is someone who says he or she is a refugee, but whose claim has not yet been definitively evaluated. Refugees are people outside their country of citizenship who fear persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion if they return.

National asylum systems are there to decide which asylum-seekers actually qualify for international protection. Those judged through proper procedures not to be refugees, nor to be in need of any other form of international protection, can be sent back to their home countries.

Sometimes the media and people around us use these words incorrectly. When you add immigrant into the mix too – it can get really confusing! People come to live in the UK on a temporary or permanent basis, as immigrants, for work or family reasons, as students, from inside the European Union (EU) or outside it. The percentage of immigrants who come to the UK claiming asylum has declined in recent years.

So to the article, which studies how people who had professional careers in their native countries have fled to the UK as refugees and struggled to re-find equivalent jobs. If I had to flee the UK because I was being persecuted and ended up living somewhere else in the world, I would certainly hope to continue my career and use the qualifications I’d worked hard to achieve.


3 thoughts on “Refugees faced with a very different lifestyle

  1. This is a really interesting but this is also an example of why people should be more careful when listening to or watching media programmes.

  2. I found this article interesting as I found out what a asylum-seeker which people get confused about so it helped me to know what it was. Now I know it’s a refugee.

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