International Women’s Day

Students and grown-ups alike often query the need for International Women’s Day. Is there still sexism in Britain which requires us to focus on women’s rights once a year, or is it more useful in putting the spotlight in 2014 on women in other parts of the world?

Here are a few news stories from the preceding week which link to that RE exam question: Do you think sexism is still a problem in British society (4 marks because it is a b question – give two explained reasons for your answer!).

Clare’s Law rolls out across England and Wales which allows people to check whether their partner has a police conviction for domestic abuse. The laws connected to domestic abuse are quite interesting – also changing around now.

Who needs a textbook when you can read an article like this, which includes comments from international organisations, about whether women have achieved equality over the last 20 years.

Ouch! I might be guilty of thinking the myths debunked in this article were actually true. Though saying that there is that famous phrase, “Lies, damned lies and statistics” which shows that you can often use selected data to prove any argument!

In Unit 8 of the Religious Studies GCSE students question the success and impact of the UN. Students generally remember about the peacekeeping troops and negotiations which take place in the Assembly and Security Council. Not to be forgotten though are the speeches and promotional work the UN does to promote peace and equality around the world.

Finally, FGM has been hitting the headlines due to a Guardian newspaper campaign to get schools to educate about it and international organisations to speak out against Female Genital Mutilation. The short video clip from the Guardian website has the secretary general from the UN pledging his support for the international campaign against FGM.


2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. I found the article very informative and interesting, it helps you to understand International Women’s Day.

  2. This article shows me that sexism still occurs today. this is why International Women’s day was created so that all women feel equal to everybody else in the world. this article helped me understand the meaning of this day!

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