EDL march in Slough

An EDL march in Slough town centre

Sometimes you hear about the news by word of mouth before you read it or hear it on News reports. A friend of mine went to the cinema with her boyfriend in Slough this weekend and when the film was over she found herself in some twilight zone with riot police packing away and neighbouring shops closed early. She asked a policeman what had been going on and he replied that an EDL march protesting about the building of a new Mosque in the town had got violent. GCSE students study all about community cohesion in Year 10 and should be left wondering how cohesive our modern British society is.



One thought on “EDL march in Slough

  1. We are very lucky to have people in this world who are willing to contribute their inputs to help making a positive impact on their community. It is unfortunate and obvious that this article implies that there are also a few people out there who don’t share this common vision. It’s a shame really.

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