Flooding still dominates the News

It seems to have been going on since Christmas time, and now in early February, flooding still has a stranglehold on UK headlines. It’s great for the Geographers amongst us but not so entertaining for all those families whose homes are at risk. Aerial pictures always bring it home, how isolated and frightening flooding can be:

Flood-hit Somerset

We learn about it in Geography class and here it is on the BBC:

How do you stop flooding?

If your parent/ carer decides to risk it and drive through floodwater, they might need to know this:

How do you drive through floodwater?

And finally, we all remember a few years ago the risks of Britain falling into  serious drought. So have we finally stocked up enough water?

From drought to flood to?


A flexible nationality


Big sporting events like the Football World Cup or the Olympics often bring a healthy emphasis on national identity with people putting flags up and wearing national colours with pride.  But what happens when your mum is Russian, your dad grew up in England and your grandparents are Irish – and you are a young American trying to compete in an Olympics?

Teen US-born snowboarder at the Olympics aged just 16

EDL march in Slough

An EDL march in Slough town centre

Sometimes you hear about the news by word of mouth before you read it or hear it on News reports. A friend of mine went to the cinema with her boyfriend in Slough this weekend and when the film was over she found herself in some twilight zone with riot police packing away and neighbouring shops closed early. She asked a policeman what had been going on and he replied that an EDL march protesting about the building of a new Mosque in the town had got violent. GCSE students study all about community cohesion in Year 10 and should be left wondering how cohesive our modern British society is.


Is Community more cohesive when people integrate or segregate?

Article saying you feel more British if you integrate

Researchers from two universities, Oxford and Essex, have revealed a report which analyses how community cohesion can be improved by integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities. Careful when you read the article, as the Daily Mail generally tries to promote people losing some of their own ethnic or national identities, and becoming more ‘traditionally British’.

Does China still have a one child policy?

China babyWhen China was facing a population explosion in 1979 they introduced the One-Child Policy which shocked the world, and sparked off many Geography lessons! It was only on Friday that Year 8 RE students were asking whether there is still a One-Child Policy in China and ‘voila’ here we have an article which answers that question…

A Report on Changes to China’s to One-Child Policy