Plenty of Stories from the Grammys 2014

Questions to ponder…

  1. Is Beyonce empowering to women or showing how women have to use their bodies to sell their music?
  2. Were the Grammy’s right for getting political and supporting gay marriage?
  3. What would happen if all musicians wore helmets and went incognito like Daft Punk? An improvement or worse?
  4. If Lorde can make it big aged 17; what could you offer the world?

Video round of the Grammys 2014

And if you wanted to hear Madonna sing that song a little more in tune…


One thought on “Plenty of Stories from the Grammys 2014

  1. (My thoughts for question 2) – I thought using the the Grammys was a brilliant way to raise awareness on same sex marriage to other people e.g. the more ‘traditional’ audience. From what I’ve heard, apart from ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore, many artists who produce most of the love songs in the music industry mainly talk about opposite-sex relationships in their music. Having this topic pointed out at an event like the Grammys could actually make some artists consider talking about homosexual relationships in their future songs, which could lead to people becoming more tolerant towards this controversial issue?

    Finally, I would like to share the link to an article that tells us Scotland’s same-sex marriage bill has been passed today!

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