Twitter in trouble again

Twitter is regularly criticised for not doing enough to combat racism on its site. This time it is ex-footballer Stan Collymore who says Twitter are just letting Internet trolls get away with racist abuse.

BBC article about Collymore’s concerns


3 thoughts on “Twitter in trouble again

  1. I think that’s just the problem with today’s society especially in my generation. We’re so exposed racial and uh ethical “banter”,some of us forget to think about how it will hurt others and only have the excuse that my friend did it so that makes it okay yet is an ongoing cycle of pure ignorance and sheep-like behaviour .

  2. On social networks people think that they can get away with being racist or horrible to people over the internet and they think that they don’t get caught. I think that you should get in trouble and caught, the same as you would if you were racist to someone to their face.

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