Just War Theory Knocking Around Again

Last year it was Obama talking about how drone warfare was a ‘just war’ and in recent weeks we’ve had the Education Secretary Gove arguing how WWI was a ‘just war’.

Obama’s Drone Speech with reference to Just War:

Obama accepting Nobel Peace Prize even though he was a President involved in two conflicts:

Then the article about WWI and debate on whether it was a Just War:


Few paragraphs down about WWI being a Just War



What was Just War Theory again?!


One thought on “Just War Theory Knocking Around Again

  1. I find it so sad that we as humans understand war so much, this only proves that far too many have happened along with the far too many lives that have been lost. War hurts everybody no matter whether or not you are directly involved in a conflict. Why can’t we all just accept each other and live our lives? Hopefully one day in my life time this will happen! and the part where President Obama said all wars have come to end could be seen as false as there are many wars still going on such as Syria, when will we all see that war is not good and that as humans, we should just love each other?

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